India : Unseen places

Hi , this is sandeep living in rajasthan, india, I always feel that there a lot of places which are not  popular and are known to only people surround that area , today i wish to share one such place called “Menal” which is quite close to my hometown and I have visited there a number of times , best time to visit this place is from July-Sept as during this time waterfall run in full force & scenic beauty is also at its peak…Image

Menal is is about 90 Kms. from Chittaurgarh in Rajasthan. Menal is also known as the “mini khajauraho”, blessed with nature’s beauty, this picnic spot is situated on the ChittaurBundi road and is famous for the ancient temples, waterfalls and beautiful forests.


The Menal temple complex consists of a group of Siva temple on both sides of the waterfall. These temples were built by Someshvar Chahamana and his queen Suhavadevi of the Shakambhari dynasty during the 11th century A.D (circa).


the fame of place grew during reign of King Prithviraj Chauhan, as it was his favourite mountain retreat during the scorching Rajasthan summers. For this he had built a palace on the banks of the Menal river which runs over granite slabs before finally plunging into a gorge over 122 meters deep. When it rains, the water flows over the granite rocks and plunges into a gorge 100 feet below into a pool and then proceeds onwards.


The 11th century Mahanaleshvara temple, is replete with various gates & arches in front of smaller temples is a perfect example of the western Indian style of stone temple architecture. The entrance is embellished with a seated stone lion, and there are number of guardian deities carved on protruding panels in the walls. The inner sanctum is dominated by projecting balconies while the roof is a pyramidal array of ribbed and finely carved stone. The entrance to the mansion is via a two storied gateway carved with images of the gods Ganesha and Bhairava. The square courtyard beyond the entrance houses a huge Shiva temple of stone, built in the ancient Hindu style with a carved pagoda and pillars. The walls of the temple are carved with motifs of Hindu deities and various other themes,  Shiva and Parvati are depicted in various postures and surrounded by dancers, musicians, lesser gods and animals. Halfway up the pagoda is a large stone lion. A number of smaller ruined temples lie around the Shiva temple

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